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Can I remain anonymous?

In the event that certain details may need to be clarified, providing your name and contact details can be very useful. We assure that we will treat your information with absolute confidentiality. You also have the option to communicate with the company via the system, while remaining anonymous. In any case, it will be impossible to trace your report back to you.


Further questions and answers can be found in the FAQ section.


Compliance within the Company

SinnerSchrader takes the topic of compliance very seriously. We strive to observe all ethical and legal standards, with the objective of protecting our employees, the company, as well as our customers and business partners, from harm. Therefore, SinnerSchrader has set a goal to identify all possible violations at an early stage, and address them promptly in the best possible way.

By providing this secured report submission system, SinnerSchrader is giving not only its employees, but also external individuals, such as customers, business partners and the general public, the opportunity to submit reports regarding statutory violations via a protected and secured channel. Incoming reports are taken seriously and checked immediately.

In order to gain the most information on the matter you have described, we ask that you describe the incident to us truthfully and in as much detail as possible.